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Flight Suits?

Discussion in 'Safety Avenue' started by haze, 11/8/18.

  1. haze

    haze Strolling the yard

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    Hi, my baby cockatiel is coming home in a month, and I would like to train her to wear a harness. I've looked into it and I think what I want to start with is the Avian FlightSuit, but I heard from someone that it is bad for parrots to wear cloth items? Do you think it will be safe if I begin training when she comes home at 8 or so weeks old? I don't want her to be put in danger, but I would really like to train her to wear some sort of harness so that I can safely take her outside.
  2. Feather

    Feather Rollerblading along the road Avenue Veteran

    I would instead recommend the Aviator Flight Harness. I've used it with almost all of my birds and think it's quite wonderful. My cockatiel wears one.

    The Avian FlightSuit, I think, is really flimsy and requires a lot of extra manhandling to get on and off. I've only ever used one, and I absolutely hated it. The fabric got stretched out and had runners all over it after only a couple uses and the whole thing was just really inconvenient and awkward. I wouldn't trust taking them outside with it on, either, since the lead is basically just a lanyard that attaches to the back with a strip of velcro. Which might be secure enough for a bird as small as a tiel, but IMO it's much too heavy and bulky for them.

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