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First time playing and only at night

Discussion in 'Service Road' started by Mishel, 4/11/19.

  1. Mishel

    Mishel Checking out the neighborhood

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    This is my very first post. Hope I do it right

    I am very devastated over my baby boy starting to pluck.

    He is not even two years old, beautiful Vos Eclectus

    I had to leave him at my mothers home for 3 weeks during construction at my current home. He has been there befor and been perfectly fine. He has his own cage (his first cage) toys and fresh food diet

    He sings, plays, runs a muck and was happy the entire time from what I am told.

    He comes back and he started plucking.

    But, he only plucks at night or early morning while still covered.

    He does really well solo, always has, I’m first owner hand fed and super close.

    I happen to work late sometimes and come home about 10pm

    I say hello and cover him as I always have for almost two years. No feathers at bottom of cage. By 7am when I go to let him out... a bucnch of feathers!

    It so devastating to see him just destroying his beautiful feathers and I just don’t understand why. He finished his chest, legs, and back part under wings. Now he has started on his back!

    Nothing new in home. No new noises, lights or people.

    Any help would be great. I feel awful to think of having to snap him out of his peaceful rest when I come home and stress him out, slap on a collar and cover him to sleep as if he did something bad when he has been so good solo.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you
  2. Zara

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