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Fighting female canaries

Discussion in 'Canary & Finch Court' started by Moldybread, 6/18/17.

  1. Moldybread

    Moldybread Strolling the yard Avenue Veteran

    San Diego, CA
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    I have two female canaries in a large flight cage. I've had them about a 9 months. One's a Glouster, one's a Fife and they're about the same size. The Glouster has laid 3 clutches this spring. A couple of months ago the Glouster seemed to be harassing the Fife so I separated them. After about a week or so I put them together and things were ok for a while. Today she's at it again and pulled feathers from the Fife. So I separated them again. While separated they hang out in the part of their cages closest to each other.
    I don't really understand this behavior: Why? How long will this go on? When will the Glouster stop brooding? I was told to let her have a full clutch of about 4-5 eggs and then pull them. I've done this 3 times already this year and was hoping she was done. She seems to be getting ready to lay again. And why would one be laying eggs and not the other? I have not had them sexed but I know the eggs are not fertile. And neither bird sings.
    They're on a good diet and get calcium supplements when egg laying. I just prefer them to live in one large cage.
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  2. sunnysmom

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  3. paulinepar

    paulinepar Checking out the neighborhood

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    I as well have 2 canaries in one big cage and it always seems like one of them is the bully and pulling on the others feathers. I'm not sure why this is either. One of them had 3 babies this year the other has not had any chicks. I know for sure they are both female. If you find out why plz let me know
  4. Distaff

    Distaff Sprinting down the street

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    They seem to be independent spirits. My male hangs out with the budgies. In fact, he moved in with them. His cage door is always open (I've finally given up leaving food and water in there), but he prefers the big flight cage with the budgies, even at night. So far, every one gets along...as unorthodox as the arrangement is.

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