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Fighting female canaries

Discussion in 'Canary & Finch Court' started by Moldybread, 6/18/17 at 6:31 PM.

  1. Moldybread

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    I have two female canaries in a large flight cage. I've had them about a 9 months. One's a Glouster, one's a Fife and they're about the same size. The Glouster has laid 3 clutches this spring. A couple of months ago the Glouster seemed to be harassing the Fife so I separated them. After about a week or so I put them together and things were ok for a while. Today she's at it again and pulled feathers from the Fife. So I separated them again. While separated they hang out in the part of their cages closest to each other.
    I don't really understand this behavior: Why? How long will this go on? When will the Glouster stop brooding? I was told to let her have a full clutch of about 4-5 eggs and then pull them. I've done this 3 times already this year and was hoping she was done. She seems to be getting ready to lay again. And why would one be laying eggs and not the other? I have not had them sexed but I know the eggs are not fertile. And neither bird sings.
    They're on a good diet and get calcium supplements when egg laying. I just prefer them to live in one large cage.
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