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Female Ekki Biting

Discussion in 'Comment Court' started by EkkieLu, 7/18/18.

  1. EkkieLu

    EkkieLu Rollerblading along the road

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    My 10 year old female eclectus bites! I adopted Lucy 6 months ago. She had picked off her entire chest and back and looked to be suffering from malnutrition. I've showered her with organic fruits, veggies, and healthy proteins and Leferbers nutri berries. I bought her a big beautiful new cage, toys and climbing stands. She loves everything, except me! Sometimes she'll come on my arm and totally snuggle for a few minutes. I am in my 60s, home all the time, talk with her, have even taught her new phrases (she has an extensive vocab). Yet I have not been able to figure out why out of the blue she bites. There's no change in her body language or facial expressions.
    I move slowly and speak softly at all times. She loves rolling wiffle balls on the floor with me but will inevitably run over and bite me! It may be after playing for 10 minutes or after half an hour. I can't figure her out. Help!
  2. Chopper

    Chopper Rollerblading along the road Avenue Spotlight Award

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    Mary lynn Snowman
    I know of a male ekkie that does the same type of biting.
    Wasn't a plucker though.
    The store where he is hasn't been able to find him a permanent home.

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