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Conure Aggressive Head Bobbing While Playing

Discussion in 'Behavior Byway' started by Charliesdad18, 5/14/18.

  1. Charliesdad18

    Charliesdad18 Checking out the neighborhood

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    Maxwell Lollis

    Hi all!

    My lovely conure, Charlie has an odd habit. I don't think it's anything indicative of sickness, but when he plays with small toys (plastic small chain links for example) he will grab it it with his beak and aggressively bob his head with it in his mouth. It's actually more of a darting motion (aggressively pushing his head forward and back rather than up/down.) He only does this motion when he has small toys (and these chains links in particular) in his mouth. He does sometimes lightly bob his head without toys but in a different way and he does it when he gets excited or when he is scoping something out. Does it seem like he is just taking out extra anger on these chain links? He also gets defensive of them and makes a sort of growling sound if I touch them while he is holding them and he does not do this with other toys. Just wondering what this behavior could mean and would appreciate any help!

  2. Lady Jane

    Lady Jane Joyriding the Neighborhood Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran I Can't Stop Posting!

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    Sounds like he is having fun. Birds will sometimes play rough with certain toys.
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