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Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary-WA

Discussion in 'Rehome Highway' started by Julie Long, 9/13/19 at 6:42 PM.

  1. Julie Long

    Julie Long Checking out the neighborhood

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    Julie Long
    Does anyone have any experience/information/etc about The Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary in Stanwood, Washington? I’ve read their website cover to cover, and it looks good but I’ve got some misgivings about some things. Their policy of no pre- (or post-) surrender visits..EVER makes me nervous. You just drop your bird off at the gate They will not send picture updates but if you call they’ll tell you how your ‘too is adjusting. So, not to be cynical, but how do I know it’s not all a complete sham and I surrender my bird thinking she’s going to get a beautiful sanctuary retirement with other umbrella cockatoos, and it turns out they just turn around and sell her to someone else? Also, the website says they are a nonprofit, but they are not a registered 501(c)(3). They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, but that’s because no one has made complaints. It’s completely possible no one has made complaints because no one ever sees their bird again and anytime you call, I’m sure they would just tell you your bird’s doing great. Google earth shows the address as containing multiple small buildings and a couple of large ones with skylights, which the website does mention in their descriptions. You can’t get close enough with the satellite imagery to see exactly what the smaller structures are. Could anyone help or suggest where I could find more information? Maybe a state or city resource around the sanctuary?

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  2. expressmailtome

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  3. Kiwi's Mom

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    Connecticut , USA
  4. JLcribber

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    Alberta, Canada
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    I have heard of this place which has been around for quite a few years. Their reputation is good. their job is to care for birds. Not peoples feelings.

    Well there is no such thing as a "beautiful sanctuary retirement" for any parrot going to any rescue. Things are always tough for these well meaning places. Under funded. Full to capacity. Expensive medical needs. Volunteers. Fundraising etc.

    You are relinquishing responsibility for your bird. They are assuming that responsibility along with all the other birds in their care. You give up the rights to that bird when you get rid of it. There may be a beautiful retirement sanctuary somewhere (I have no idea where) but sure would not be free and you would expected to "fund" this retirement regularly and ongoing for as long as that bird is there.

    So I am implored to ask why are you giving this bird up?

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