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Cheap easy foraging

Discussion in 'Enrichment and Foraging Park' started by Sj25, 7/13/17.

  1. Sj25

    Sj25 Meeting neighbors

    The trash can in the toilet started to get pretty full with empty rolls so I just shove them in to 1 roll.
    After about 7 or 8 it turned out to be a great place to hide seeds, pieces of dries pineapple and banana and raisins.
    Put them in on both sides and done! Bird joy for about ...an hour .. haha

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  2. Featheredfuffs

    Featheredfuffs Strolling the yard

    I turn my toilet paper rolls into bird and bunny toys too! I cut mine into 1/2 size strips, piece the strips together to make a little ball (of course Delilah had to stop playing with the toy and try and climb on my hand as soon as I took the picture:o:) :

    Stuff with millet and you're done!:D

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