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Canary Winged Parakeet/Bee-Bee Parrot - Need Some Advice & Help**

Discussion in 'Other Parrot Lane' started by xBirdLover97, 3/16/17.

  1. Poppyraindrops

    Poppyraindrops Checking out the neighborhood

    Hope your bird is doing well.
    I have only had mine for a year and half now but I did a lot of research both in English and Spanish ( since they are originally from south America ) and I have chosen to feed Guaicaipuro fruit daily, particularly ones that are packed with vitamins. I try to switch it up so he can get all his vitamins. He adores a good ripe mango, ripe plantains, bananas sometimes papaya ( they are packed with vitamins ) but he is stubborn and instead chooses apples many times ( not high on vitamins but great for liver cleansing) . He refuses to eat pellets and I know many who never have and have lived a long life . He does eat safflower seeds and a few sunflower ones here and there but I only put a very small amount on the dish for the day. I give him an occasionally, food quality cashews and almonds . He really has a hard time with greens so I have gotten him to drink some chia kale organic juice that it' meant for us . The ingredients are all safe and natural. Just have to be careful with citric fruits, and occasional tangerine or pineapple is fine but very little I was told by a vet. Also .. he liked Brad's crunchy kale bites. .
    Hope that helps a little and I am sure everyone has their way of feeding their babies but I firmly believe that their diet should be mostly a diversed, high quality, vitamin packed fruit, some greens and seeds.
    Try also baby food.. but make sure he gets his vitamins:)
    Also.. I do think you maybe feeding him too much and he is bored.. they like to be with is and talked to.. some play mire than others..but he probably needs other types of food (like fresh and different vitamins and minerals) and he is bored and a little upset. Lol
    They are small but they are smarter than their size.
    The fact that he is spooked.. it's normal.. he is probably with you a lot, or alone. Birds don't like change that much and don't trust that easily. .. they are little and fragile so they have to be careful:)

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