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Cage stress

Discussion in 'African Grey Alley' started by verov, 7/11/19 at 7:52 AM.

  1. verov

    verov Checking out the neighborhood


    We have an African grey 3 months old that we took from breeder at 2 weeks age and hand fed by ourselves.
    The parrot is very friendly, playful and smart.
    The only problem we have is a big fear from his cage. We only put him in the cage at night for sleeping. First, when he sees the cage, he screams and tries to escape. When in the cage, he goes to the floor and digging until he sleeps. In the morning, he will stay on the floor, not touching the food, not even sunseeds!
    We tried putting him in the cage during the day to watch this behavior and he is sitting on the floor and screaming to get out. When we open the door, he jumps outside from the location he is.
    Removed and replaced all toys, nothing helps.

    Any suggestions?
  2. BertAllen

    BertAllen Jogging around the block

    Where is his cage? Can he see you all the time when in it?
  3. Lady Jane

    Lady Jane Joyriding the Neighborhood Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran I Can't Stop Posting!

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    I am guessing he was not in a cage before you brought him home. Try removing most of toys and lower perches. You can line the cage bottom with something soft like towels and put newspaper over that. You dont want him to start night frights either. Use soft lighting at night. Please let me know if this help.

    He is still a baby at 3 months.
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  4. MauiWendy

    MauiWendy Jogging around the block

    Maui, Hawaii
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    Oh wow sounds just like Keoki who I might add, hated his first cage. Sorry you are going through this stressful situation. Keoki's first cage was more tall than wide. I would sit for hours with the door open, encouraging him to stay inside. And even though I lowered the perches and placed his dishes and toys on the floor, he would climb then fall, making this horrible thud even though I lined the bottom with towels. He just never settled down in that cage. Do you have a picture of the cage and how it is set up. After about 2 almost 3 months later I finally bought him a different cage all together, even changed the color. He loves his cage now and actually took to it right away. Its more wide than tall. I was going to use the first cage as a secondary cage in my bedroom, but he wanted nothing to do with it so I just sold it. Keoki is only in his cage when he is unsupervised when we are not home. And he sleeps on a bungee in my bedroom. It works for us.
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