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Cage Hermit?

Discussion in 'Budgie Boulevard' started by Jolene Rice, 10/12/17.

  1. Jolene Rice

    Jolene Rice Strolling the yard

    As most of you know I have had Ziggy for about a month, and I have gotten him to perch on my finger when I have millet, but he doesn’t want to get out of his cage, every time I start to pull him out, he goes back in, I would like him to start getting used to outside of his cage, but how can I do that if he won’t come out? Any suggestions?

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  2. Motherof'tiels

    Motherof'tiels Strolling the yard

    Leave the door open and wait for him to come out on his own time. Stay in the room with him just to make sure he wont get into trouble! Place millet and other treats that he enjoys outside of his cage or hanging from the outside of the cage. When he does come out, reward him heavily! If he doesnt come out, thats okay, just have him used to the door being open and he has access to outside of his cage

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