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Breeders in the Uk?

Discussion in 'Eclectus Alley' started by beckie9521, 7/3/19.

  1. beckie9521

    beckie9521 Checking out the neighborhood

    Hi all!

    So, we’re hoping to be completely new parrot parents to an eclectus boy at some point!

    We’re NW UK and have found a breeder down very far south with a rather large waiting list for an eclectus.

    Can anyone recommend a good breeder in the UK?

    We are happy to travel as we are completely set on an ekkie.

    We did originally want a female as we fell in love with a lovely ekkie called Maria in Tenerife a few years ago; but from what we have read.. as newbies a boy would be better suited to us.. any advice on this would be much appreciated!

    We have read endless forums, watched so many YouTube videos and are currently midway throu two ekkie books (one by carina Timons the other by Roger Rodendale) could anyone recommend any other good reads?

    Thank you all x
  2. tka

    tka Rollerblading along the road

    My advice is to join the Parrot Society UK: The Parrot Society UK

    It's about £25 for a year and you get a monthly magazine, plus things like discounted entry to shows and stuff. The magazine has a classified section where people advertise birds for sale, and the PS UK also keeps a list of breeders and how many chicks were raised that year. I'd recommend joining then contacting Les Rance to ask about Eclectus.
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