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Bird health and Bonded Birds

Discussion in 'Lovebird Lane' started by Phocyn, 9/14/18.

  1. Phocyn

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    I've determined that my younger pair of lovebirds aren't the healthiest for producing eggs. I don't know if this is because of a previous owner or their breeding. Regardless, for the sake of both, I'd like to split the pair into separate cages so I can better tend to their needs.

    My male Alice is completely unable to be handled without toweling him, using gloves, or cornering him under my sink. My female Oz has to be handled because she needs to go in for beak trimming due to a malformation I've noticed on her lower beak. (I'm going to be looking into the kits for beak and feather disease just to ease this possibility. I'd like to see if I can keep a number in stock.)

    A bit of backstory then: I am the third owner of the pair of Oz and Alice. The second owner for the pair of Night and Harley. The second pair were breeders in their original home and it's taken me nine months to earn any trust.

    Now, Oz's story. Oz is actually only just turning a year old. Her second owner paired Oz and Alice together when neither bird was mature enough to actually be paired 'healthily'. I kept them together to avoid further stress in a new home. In this time, I've assessed their personalities, health, and other odds. At the end of this assessment, I have decided it's counterproductive for this pair to produce young given their history and being unable to handle them.

    I'm looking for options to split the pair in a manner that is 'soft'. I don't care if it takes a year, but I don't want them producing eggs.

    Oz is showing traits similar to what Night did over a failed clutch. I'm watching for pulled feathers.
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