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Anyone familular with Derbyan Perekeets?

Discussion in 'Other Parrot Lane' started by becdimarc, 3/9/18.

  1. becdimarc

    becdimarc Walking the driveway

    Welland, ontario canada
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    becky dimarcantonio
    Hello, i am new to the aviana fourm!
    last year we lost our beloved conure and it has taken a while to be ready to start looking around for a new feathered family member!
    someone had contacted me and said they had baby derbyan perekeets ready for the end of may, so i started to do some research, only to find i cant really find very much on them!
    i can find like a breed info basically, but nothing from people that own them as companian birds or have own them in the past!
    im very intrigued by them but i cant to get all the knowledge i can to make sure it is a good fit for our family!
    so if anyone can help me or send me in the right direction i would be so very thankful!
  2. expressmailtome

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  3. Milestone

    Milestone Sprinting down the street

    They seem like Indian ring necks. They like to chew a lot and can be loud. They aren't really interested in cuddles and are very curious, so a lot of entertainment is necessary. Cute though, very beautiful looking birds. Oh, and of course they are expert talkers typically.

    You probably know all that. I'm sure someone who has one will respond soon.
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  4. LWK

    LWK Meeting neighbors

    I have been considering a Derbyan for a while and have visited 2 of them at a local parrot store about 10 times. Note that the males have orange beaks and females black beaks. The tail was gorgeous blue and 10 inches long. The orange beak takes about 18 months to come in on a male. Both at the store are males but one is younger and still had the black beak. They did DNA to confirm male. They step up beautifully and are super gentle. No intention of biting or nipping. I could not stroke their backs or necks. They would let out a loud squawk if I tried. Contrast this with the African Greys or Myers parrots I also played with that loved getting their heads scratched. Finally, the Derbyans have a clear musky smell to them similar to a Pionus. I noticed this on all 10 visits am compared to the Greys and Myers which did not smell. The older Derbyan was already talking. It said Hi and a few other words. In sum, I found the Derbyan to be a great show bird — one that is stunning with its bright beak and long tail. You can’t really do more than have it step up though. It’s speaking ability was amazing. Hope this helps!

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