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Another Pavi update

Discussion in 'Ringneck and other Keet Street' started by Feathered up, 9/13/18.

  1. Feathered up

    Feathered up Sprinting down the street

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    It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update. Things are progressing, never as quickly as you want, but there is progress.
    Tonight it almost seems as though he is starting to remember being being hand fed. Instead of snatching a treat and retreating to his furthest perch to eat it, he is allowing me to move my hand to him. He sits there with his beak open like a baby waiting to be fed and IF withdraw my hand, he will sit where he is and eat his treat. He actually took a foot toy from me a few times this way and sat on my iPad and played with the toy.
    Unfortunately, my fingertips apparently resemble foot toys now so there was a minor incident with him grabbing my finger in his foot and trying to gnaw the end of it off but hey, anything in the name of progress!
    He’s relaxing in general and has really started to play with his cage toys a lot and chatters and sings through the day.
    He’s still in his smaller cage. I wanted him in his permanent one by now but he’s still really skittish and with my pending move, Im afraid to move him into a cage that is too large to transport him in for fear that I won’t be able to get him into anything to transport him without a lot of trauma. I also haven’t introduced him to the other birds yet as they are just behaving badly with one another (and me) at the moment. Skyy thought I needed another hole for an earring and pierced my earlobe for me today :mad: idiot brat bird. I am thinking of waiting until the move when everyone is on more equal footing and arriving in their new room at the same time before introducing them. Anyone have any thoughts on that?
  2. sunnysmom

    sunnysmom Joyriding the Neighborhood Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran

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    Ouch. Sorry about your ear. My cockatiel never adjusted to a bigger cage and always preferred his smaller one. So opposite from what you would think. It sounds like things are going really well with Pavi. :)
  3. cassiesdad

    cassiesdad Ripping up the road Weather Authority Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran I Can't Stop Posting!

    Erie PA
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    Bob Weisman
    It is what it is...progress!
    Congrats to you and Pavi for that!:congrats5:

    ..and the bite...well, I'd call that an occupational hazard...sorry it did happen, though....
  4. LesBirdman

    LesBirdman Meeting neighbors

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    Leslie Wessling
    Good to hear progress is being made, it's always slow with mine, she is a stubborn one. As far as the baby feeding thing, Lucky does this from time to time when I offer her a treat to step out of her cage and I never understood why, She's almost 1 and still does it but it doesn't appear to be a bad thing, it usually happens around brunch time for us.

    Keep making good progress with Pavi, sounds like you will have a most interesting friend!

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