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Alexandrine Cage Aggression

Discussion in 'Ringneck and other Keet Street' started by Stormy, 10/3/18.

  1. Stormy

    Stormy Sitting on the front steps

    Millbrook, On. Canada
    8 month old Cooper is starting cage aggression. I ignore his ruffled head, eye pining and biting. I say no calmly and carry on cleaning or feeding. His biting is not hard, more of a warning. If I give him my hand and say "come on" he stops the aggression and comes up. I'm concerned about him banging his beak off the cage. He hits it quite hard. He is healthy, happy and steps up, whistles, learning to talk. We are together all the time, he is out of cage most of the time. DSCN1084.JPG
  2. LesBirdman

    LesBirdman Meeting neighbors

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    Leslie Wessling
    Since she started molting my little Lucky has been aggressive while inside her cage, particularly in the mornings. I just changed some stuff around and gave her cage a really good clean yesterday and placed some brand new toys in there to see if this helps her temperament some.

    Is stormy molting? If you are in the southern hemisphere I wouldn't be surprised if you start to see signs of molting shortly as it is Spring after all and the first molt seems to be pretty extreme for a young bird. Like a teething child I guess.

    All the best :)
  3. JLcribber

    JLcribber Joyriding the Neighborhood Celebirdy of the Month Mayor of the Avenue Avenue Spotlight Award Avenue Veteran Shutterbugs' Best KICK ME!

    Alberta, Canada
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    Quit sticking your hands inside the cage while he's in there. You're are invading his territory. I'd bite you too.
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  4. Feathered up

    Feathered up Sprinting down the street

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    This 100%. Some of my birds (not coincidentally my males) are fine with me doing cage house keeping etc while they are inside. My Blue Crown and only female has had to be removed for years before I put my hands in there. I can’t ask her to. Ignore her instincts to protect her nest. She comes out an sits on my shoulder while I change food and water.
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